International Women’s Day (International Women’s Day) is celebrated on March 8 each year. But when was it established as a world holiday? Opinions differ on this issue: Many argue that it was first celebrated in 1909 in the United States on the initiative of the Socialist Party, while others argue that it was adopted in 1911 by the Socialist International. The third and most prevalent version states that the celebration of Women’s Day was established in 1910 at the suggestion of the German socialist Clara Zetkin during the Second International.

Officially, however, it was instituted by the UN in 1977 and since then it is celebrated all over the Earth, with political as well as romantic extensions.

International Women’s Day began as a celebration in Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet bloc. It is a day of mobilization around the world to support equality, and to value the position of women in society. Traditionally, women’s rights associations and activists have been protesting around the world to make their demands known for the betterment of women, as well as to celebrate the movement’s victories and achievements.

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