Within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility program of the company Acropolis Dry Cleaners, we inform you about the conclusion of cooperation with the Non-Profit Organization A.F.IS. Cyprus Ltd .. According to current legislation:

Its recovery and management are foreseen:

  1. 25% of the batteries that will be placed on the market by September 2012
  2. 45% of the batteries that will be placed on the market by September 2016

By category, the following minimum recycling rates are provided:

  1. Recycling 65% of the average weight of lead-acid batteries and accumulators, including recycling the lead content to the highest possible degree that is technically feasible without excessive expense.
  2. Recycling of 75% by weight of nickel-cadmium batteries and accumulators, including recycling the cadmium content to the highest possible extent technically feasible without excessive costs, and
  3. Recycling of 50% on average weight of other waste batteries and accumulators

Battery Life Cycle:

Each battery has a “life cycle”. It starts from its manufacturing plant and ends at the end user. When the battery is emptied and we throw it in the trash, we interrupt its life cycle, we lose valuable raw materials and consequently energy, while some of its elements can pass to the aquifer with dangerous effects on human health.

On the contrary, if we throw the empty battery in the recycling bins of AFIS, the “life cycle” of the battery continues, its basic elements are recycled to be used in the production of new batteries or other products.

As Acropolis Dry Cleaners, we ask the dozens of customers who visit our 8 stores (Larnaca, Nicosia, Limassol) on a daily basis to bring in addition to their clothes, blankets, suits and anything else they have for ironing or cleaning and their old batteries to contribute to the recycling process themselves.

Customers who use the FREE DELIVERY service to hand over their old batteries to the driver to place them in the special recycling bins.

Through this process we also want to put our own stone in the effort, our children to live in a healthy environment away from toxic substances and to contribute to the process and the idea of recycling.

Acropolis Dry Cleaners